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10 Best Benefits of Buying Handmade Products

Handmade products can offer higher quality and more attention to detail. In fact, they can give buyers several side benefits that they may not have considered. Here’s our rundown on the best benefits of buying handmade products.

1. Handmade products are green

When work is done by hand, less energy is taken in comparison to a mass production assembly line. This makes handmade products more environmentally sustainable.

If the product is also made locally, and not shipped from overseas, the energy to create it and get it to the end consumer is further reduced.

2. Handmade products are good for the job market

When we buy from small businesses, we are supporting local economies. Handmade products are the hallmark of the small, creative business owner and your custom supports their livelihoods. This gives the buyer a huge sense of satisfaction when compared to buying from national brands who mass-produce goods and have faceless shareholders.

3. Handmade products are worth more

Several social studies have shown that people value an object more highly when they are led to believe it contains an ‘air of authenticity’.

For example, if they were told it was a work of art. This means that artisan products, whether they be candles or preserves, are perceived to have more value in society.

4. Handmade products are most often better

When people make products by hand, they really care about the end product. They infuse it with skill and artistry. They are in continuous pursuit of perfection and can introduce individual client feedback into improving a product.

5. Handmade products make a buyer feel great

Buying handmade products from local businesses makes us feel awesome. We know where our money is going and we know who it’s going to. If we are buying a gift for a friend or family member, we also feel great that we’ve got something unique and created with love. A real feel-good factor is taken from supporting local artisans and their eco-friendly business practices.

A handmade Aubrey Bay soy candle on a customers table
Aubrey Bay hand-poured candle bringing amazing scents to a home

6. Handmade products celebrate creativity

Creativity is a representation of a person’s imagination, efforts and soul. Often large brands that sell products at discount can churn out generic products shipped in from far away countries. These products don’t receive the same creative flair that bespoke handmade products do.

7. Handmade products can meet your needs better

When you give feedback to big brands, it’s very difficult getting your voice and ideas to people that can make changes to the product. When you buy homemade products, instant feedback to the person who actually made the product is an email or instant message away.

Most small artisan love hearing both good and critical feedback. This feedback is then pushed directly back into the products.

8. Handmade products keep traditional skills alive

By supporting people who are skilled craftsmen and woman you are allowing them to practice skills that are integral to our cultural identity.

What will future generations be looking back on in the coming years? What things will be desired, valued and prized?

Buying handmade products allows local families to pass down the skills of generations keeping vibrant economies alive.

9. Handcrafted Products Are Unique.

One of the biggest reasons people report for choosing to purchase handmade goods is that they just like having something that didn’t come from a big company.

The nature of handmade goods means that there are fewer of them and this means your home can be as unique as you are!

10. Handmade products are more popular than ever

Independent artisans are often on trend much quicker than large businesses and commercially produced gifts. Buyers love handmade. Whether it’s for uniqueness, eco-credentials or just the awesome craft that goes into the product the end result is a happy customer.

Buying handmade products wrapped up

That’s our rundown of the best benefits of buying handmade products. As you can see, there are many reasons why handmade products are fantastic. At Aubrey Bay, we are passionate about our handmade products. Our modern, apothecary approach to creating home fragrances wowing customers across the UK. If you’d like to excite your senses and promote your wellbeing choose from our range below – try our decadent soy candles here or our 100% cold-pressed essential oil blends here:

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