3 Best Ways to Make your Candle Last Longer

This post on the best ways to make your candle last longer will give you simple hints and tips to getting the most out of your new buy.

Spending money on luxury candles is something that we do, gladly. We do this because we love making our homes beautiful, perfectly fragranced spaces. Interestingly, there are many stages of a candle’s life. It gets unwrapped, experienced through smell and placed in our favourite spot in the home – where it looks amazing! Then comes the moment where we burn the candle. It’s at this time when we really need to consider some of the best ways to make our candle last longer.

Knowing how to look after a candle properly will prolong its life and allow it to be enjoyed for longer.

Length of First Burn

This is perhaps the most important time when lighting a new candle. The first time you light a candle make sure that you have long enough.

If you light it, then need to take a call or pop out to pick up that bottle of fizz, and you have to blow it out after 10 minutes, then your candle will be in trouble.

A candle has a ‘memory pool’. If a full pool of wax that stretches to all sides of the container has not been achieved on the first burn, then the candle will tunnel on further burns. The candle won’t last as long.

If this has happened, don’t fret. It can be rescued!

You can take your hairdryer, on a low setting, and very carefully re-melt the top so it evenly distributes the wax.

To avoid this rescue mission, allow the wax to ‘pool’ to the edge of the container. It will then burn cleanly down the sides of the glass.

Trim the Wick

Wick trimmers are amazing tools.

Most candle makers will trim the wick for the first burn for you. If not, trim it to about 4mm.

After each burn, before you light it the next time, trim the wick again to 4mm. Not only does it make your candle last longer but it reduces the sooting caused by long wicks.

If you don’t have a wick trimmer, then fingernail clippers are really useful tools in a pinch.

Candles Don’t Like Draughts

Avoid putting your candle where there is a draught: by the door, window or where people walk past fast.

If the flame flickers constantly, it will not heat the wax in an even fashion.

This also applies to blowing out a candle. Use a candle suffer instead of blowing out a candle. When a wick is blown out, the wax can sometimes end up uneven and doesn’t burn as efficiently.

We hope that our best ways to make your candle last longer have given you some easy to follow tips on how to make your candles last.

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