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5 Best Ways to Make a Home Relaxing

Making your home relaxing is more important now than ever. Here’s 5 quick ways to get that relaxing home you deserve.

Today’s world is busier than ever. This means when we arrive home it’s essential that we can relax in a space that is warm, cosy and inviting. So what does this look like? How can you achieve a relaxing home with a few easy tweaks? Here are our 5 best ways to make a home relaxing.

Relaxing homes and beautiful lighting

A home can be made relaxing by using the right light. Overhead lights can be harsh. Instead, invest in layered lighting. A lamp in the corner of a room will cast a warm glow and having multiple lamps in different positions will help layer the light. This instantly creates relaxing spaces to be enjoyed by family and friends.

Invest in some new bed linen

Making an investment in quality beautiful bed linen can pay dividends. Having the right bed linen can really enhance a bedroom. If you then add a throw to the new bed linen, you’re really onto a winner.

Throws can be taken anywhere in the house and are the perfect companion when snuggling up on the sofa.

Relaxing homes require regular de-cluttering

Clutter has a way of creeping upon us. It’s ever ready to jump back into the fray and change our homes from a relaxing space to a disorderly space. Tackle the items left in hallways and on window sills. Don’t let piles of paperwork take root. Attacking clutter firmly sets our stall out in the home.


How does colour affect our mood? Quite a lot, actually. Colour is key to making your home more relaxing. Paint colours can have a strong effect on mood. For a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, blue, green and grey do well. White and beiges, too.

Try to stick with natural tones and use accent pieces in the room to infuse vitality.

neutral tones best way to make a home relaxing

Candles make relaxing homes

No home would be complete without strategically placed candles. Candles are great for creating a relaxing mood. A flickering light on an evening can soothe you from even the most hectic of days.

Natural soy candles are much better than heavily processed candles like paraffin.

If you’re in the UK and you’re looking for a beautiful soy candle, then visit the Aubrey Bay shop here.

Best Ways to Make a Home Relaxing

And that’s our best ways to make a home relaxing. At Aubrey Bay, we believe in both beautiful and cosy homes. Relaxing is such an important part of life – we love it!

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