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7 Reasons Why Candlelight is Amazing

Candlelight has been illuminating our lives for centuries. From Ancient Rome and Egypt to the modern home, candlelight has been illuminating our spaces and soothing our souls. It’s not surprising, in the UK, candle buying is as popular now as ever with the candle economy worth over £1.9 billion per year. So why are candles so popular? Here’s a rundown of my top 7 reasons why candlelight is amazing.

Candlelight creates atmosphere

The flicker of candlelight produces an ambience that cannot be replicated. Placing candles around the home can instantly make it cosier. The light from a candle spreads a soft glow around the room which calms the mind, body and creates a space of contentment.

In Denmark, this simple, cosy contentment actually has name – hygge! If you want to find out more about hygge, and how to add hygge to your life, follow the link to one of our previous posts.

Candlelight creates romance

Lighting a candle and watching it reflect in your partner’s eyes is an amazingly romantic experience. One which cannot be replicated using other light sources.

Candlelight can turn any dinner into a romantic, candlelit moment. Always keep candles on your nightstands. When the mood strikes, light it and turn up the heat – nothing enhances the moment quite like some soft lighting.

Candles make the perfect gift for a loved one, too. When buying a candle, always consider investing in healthy waxes such as soy for a smooth, clean burn.

Wrap this up in pretty packaging and you’re making an excellent choice in the romance stakes. At Aubrey Bay, we also offer the option of having a handwritten note in the package, when delivered, which can add that extra touch of personalisation.

Candlelight and beautiful scents

Burning a candle is a beautiful way to fill a room with both soft light and an amazing fragrance. There are a huge variety of scents to pick from such as vanilla, bergamot, lime, lemon, sage. The choices are endless.

Whatever your mood, there’s a fragrance to accompany it.

Candlelight and prayer, meditation and yoga

When we need to support visualisation during activities, candlelight is a great way to help this. Focusing on the flame helps clear the mind while sending your intentions to the universe.

When it comes to prayer, our sense of smell is strongly tied with memory. We often associate a specific scent with a moment or memory. This really helps when we are reflecting on times past and being grateful for the special people in our lives.

Candlelight and Aubrey Bay

We are so passionate about candlelight that we created our own company to help others discover this wonderful opportunity to bring light and warmth into lives through candles.

We have a range of fragrances crafted from the finest mix of fragrance oils and essential oils and the clean-burning wax of soy. Our signatures scents work beautifully for soothing the senses, creating cosiness, romance and making beautiful homes.

A couple of our favourites:

A customer said Lychee Peony reminded them of summer days as a child in her grandmother’s garden.

Another customer commented that wood sage & sea salt evoked memories of coastal walks, with the sea rolling in on a familiar shore.

And that’s why we love candlelight. We love our customers feedback about how they interact with Aubrey Bay candles. And if you join our tribe and buy one of our candles, please let us know your thoughts. It’s really special for us.

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  1. I absolutely loved this post. As a fellow candle lover I completely agree with everything you have written! I do love a nice smelly candle – my favourites are the Christmas scents, they always give me comfort and make me think of happy times!

    – Hannah | x

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