7 Best UK Vegan Blogs of 2020

Whether you are a newly converted or a long practising vegan, blogs are a great source of information, support and guidance. Here are some of the best UK vegan blogs of 2020 that you can turn to for inspiration.

1. The Little Blog of Vegan

The Little Blog of Vegan - Homepage

Created by Holly Jade, The Little Blog of Vegan is an award-winning blog. It covers food photography and styling, raw baking and all things pretty. We love the wider focus of the blog beyond food recipes and products into the wider world of being vegan. The fresh content will make this one of your go-to sources on all things vegan.

Jade’s dietary journey from food intolerances to providing others with ideas and inspiration for healthy, plant-based food choices is particularly inspiring.

Check out The Little Blog of Vegan here

2. RomyLondonUK

RomyLondonUK homepage

Romy discovered her love for cooking after going vegan in 2014. The blog is packed full of recipes which are free from animal products.

I believe that balance is the key – and that everything is possible on a vegan diet: whether you are a vegan body builder, simply into all the healthy food or like to stick to the comfort foods that you’ve always known – there’s no missing out!

We really like the vegan travel section of the blog which features some great photographs and recounts of globetrotting and vegan foods.

Check out RomyLondon UK here

3. Vegan Food and Living

Vegan Food and Living homepage

A huge site for all things vegan. The site is packed with nutritional advice from the experts, tasty recipes for every meal and occasion, plus features on vegan fashion, beauty, ethics and the environment.

This is one that is a great bookmark due to the continuous fresh content that is featured.

Check out Vegan food and Living here

4. The Flexitarian

The Flexitarian homepage

Annabelle Randles is the creator of this awesome blog. The Flexitarian covers food, ethics and the environment.

Annabelle was born and bred in France, the country of food lovers.

I am lucky enough to have had very good role models in my mum and grandmother who are (and were) very good cooks.  As a child, I honestly cannot recall having had a single store-bought meal. My mum was working full-time yet managed to cook (and freeze) on Sundays all the weekly meals. I enjoyed cooking from a very young age and to this day I try to cook from scratch most of my family’s meals.  I love food… good food that is.

The blog is full of vegetarian inspired recipes, but it is not about NOT eating meat but about eating less of it.

And when you do eat meat, making sure it’s good meat (raised to humane standards,  organic if possible and try to be aware where it is coming from).

A great resource if this is how you would like to approach your diet.

Check out the Flexitarian here

5. Made by Luci

Luci is a plant-based food lover from the UK. She posts anything that she loves from healthy dinners, to not so healthy baking adventures. Plus the occasional review, and the odd ramble.

We really like Luci’s fresh and engaging editorial style which is full of value and fun.

From covering Cherry Bakewell cocktails, making healthy meals in 15 minutes or less (preferably), to the challenges of a mum’s life there’s a great deal of reading enjoyment to be had here.

Check our Made by Luci here

6. Vegan Beauty Girl

Created by Nicole, the Vegan Beauty Girl is an awesome blog that highlights vegan and cruelty-free products.

We like this blog as it focuses down on the ethics behind product choice:

According to the blog,

A cruelty-free brand:

  • Does not test on animals at any point during production
  • They do not allow third-parties to test their products on animals
  • Their ingredients from suppliers are not tested on animals.
  • They do not allow countries to test their products on animals when required by law (ie they do not sell in China)
  • They are not owned by a company who isn’t cruelty-free (eg, Urban Decay owned by L’Oreal)

Great product reviews are package up in a beautiful website, well-written posts and gorgeous photographs.

Check out Vegan Beauty Girl here

7. Thinly Spread

And finally, but not least, we have Thinly Spread.

Thinly Spread shares recipes, kitchen stories, travels, adventures, crafts and family warmth from my home in deepest Somerset. 

Launched by Chris Mosler, this is a long-standing vegan blog which draws on a deep understanding of practical cooking within a vegan and vegetarian family.

All the recipes on the site are fast, full of nutrients and taste really good. 

Check out Thinly Spead here

Best UK Vegan Blogs of 2020

All that’s our curated list of some of the best vegan blogs of 2020 that we have come across. This list is by no means exhaustive and if you have a favourite vegan, vegetarian or plant-based diet blog we’d love to hear about it.

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