A Aubrey Bay natural candle with a monochrome candle aesthetic

Candle Aesthetic: Why It Matters For Your Home

At Aubrey Bay, we take our candle aesthetics seriously. After all, what’s better than a flickering flame and a beautiful candle for the ultimate relaxing, luxury treat. When buying a candle, we are always thinking about how it will work in our home. Therefore candle buyers spend a long time making sure that they get it right. Here’s an introduction into our candle aesthetics and why we love it so much.

Candle Aesthetics and the Container

Candles come in a wide variety of containers: concrete, glass, tins and so on. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to candle aesthetic. What will please one person won’t please the next. So how did we approach it at Aubrey Bay?

At Aubrey Bay, after much product development and feedback, we chose a frosted glass to showcase our white, creamy soy wax.

We believe that being able to see the beautiful flickering flame in its full glory is the best option. We, therefore, chose to not use a non-transparent opaque material. It’s showcasing the flame of our candle which is the main driver in our frosted glass container choice.

In the future, we will certainly be releasing other candles such as those in metallic containers to complement our signature glassware collection. We see the expansion of our range of offerings as a key growth area.

Candle Aesthetic and Candle Labels

If you go into any high-street store, you’ll see a wide variety of candle labelling. Some labels can be vivid, electric colours while others are more understated.

We chose a minimalist, elegant black label for several reasons. Most importantly we like how black can work in many spaces and the timeless aesthetic quality it holds.

A natural Aubrey Bay candle in a UK customers home with a black label and silver lid aesthetic.
Aubrey Bay’s distinctive candle aesthetic

Candle Aesthetics and Container Lids

Sometimes candles come without lids. Through customer feedback, we have learned that including a lid with all our candles is the right choice. Firstly, from an aesthetic point of view a beautiful, bespoke silver lid elevates the candle.

Secondly, we found that many people want to keep their candle on display for as long as possible and retain the scent before burning. A lid really helps with this.

Finally, a lid is a great way to extinguish a candle flame and is much more effective than blowing our a candle which can deposit soot into the wax. If you’re interested in further tips on how to burn a candle the right way, follow the link for a helpful post we have previously published on this topic.

And that’s the ingredients of Aubrey Bay’s candle aesthetics: frosted glass, a modern clean black label and a finishing bespoke silver lid.

We are very proud of our candles and our customers always come back for more. If you’d like to try us out, we’d love to have you. We hand-pour all of our candles and ship UK wide. Just click on our shop link at the top of the page and we’ll have one custom made, wrapped and shipped for you to enjoy.

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