Luxury Scented Candles

Luxury Scented Candles For Your Home

Burning luxury scented candles in the home is a truly unique experience. The complex scent and the flickering light work on many levels to provide that ultimate luxury treat that gives blissful relaxation. At Aubrey Bay, creating the perfect luxury scented candles is our passion. Here is an inside, sneak peak into the process to find out a little bit more about the workings of a modern candle making company.

What is a Luxury Scented Candle?

To answer this question it can be helpful to think about ‘what luxury scented candles are not’. Often, candles we find on the high street are mass-produced. The fragrances used are low cost, non-complex and sometimes rest on the top layer of the wax only.

A Luxury scented candle is often hand-poured, expertly balanced and offers a complex, delicate scent blend that is delivered throughout the whole burn of the candle.

They are Intoxicating, memorable, indulgent and nothing short of an olfactory treat.

What are the Longest Lasting Scented Candles?

Luxury scented candles can come with a range of burn-times. Two popular candle waxes seen in luxury scented candles are paraffin and soy.

Soy wax is considered to have the longest burn time.

The length of time your candle burns for is greatly effected by things like where you burn the candle, the temperature of the room, the fragrance oils, wick and container the candle uses among many other factors.

A luxury scented candle maker will have weighed up these factors and created a candle which has both a long-burn time and a divine scent.

What are the best scented candles UK?

At Aubrey Bay, it’s our mission to be the best brand of scented candles in the UK. Our curated collection of signature fragrances offers nostalgic, romantic and all-encompassing scents to transform a home into a spa-like retreat.

Black Amber and Lavender Candle
An Aubrey Bay Luxury Scented Candle

Our candles use rich fragrance oils from a top European perfumer. Every element of our candle has been carefully considered for the discerning candle lover.

We love exceeding expectations for both new and returning customers.

Luxury Scented Candles Final Thoughts

The quest for the perfect scented candle is the ultimate pursuit for the candle lover and the candle maker. At Aubrey Bay, we strive for the peak of perfection in creating the perfect luxury candle. If you would like to try ours, please feel free to visit our luxury scented candle shop here.


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