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A Savvy Girl’s Guide to Staying In with Style

Whether you’re amid a global pandemic, or not, staying in has increasingly become the new going out. Long gone are the day’s when only the most anti-social of us would pull on our comfy socks and reach for the TV remote. There’s so much to do when staying in. Here’s the low down on the savvy girl’s guide to staying in with style.

Light a candle

There’s nothing quite as relaxing for us girls than lighting a candle and snuggling on the sofa. Whether this is with or without wine, a flickering flame sets the scene for a relaxing night. At Aubrey Bay, we’d highly recommend a natural candle to get the best benefits.

Indulging in a face mask

If you’ve lost your glow-jo, then a home-made face mask is a top choice for the savvy staying in girl. Super fresh, organic and cheap – self-care at its finest. What’s not to like?

Owning the entertainment schedule

When you’re staying in, you’re are the boss of the entertainment. For the playlist, you have the power. No rubbish DJs here, thanks!

Then there’s the TV. You can enter a bubble of Netflix whenever you choose and only emerge when your eyes hurt and the day has turned to night.

Here’s a helpful infographic of our top tips:

A savvy girl’s guide to staying in (pampering required)

I love staying in! If you want to spread the savvy girl’s appreciation of a good night in, feel free to share my infographic. To add this to your website, simply add a html block in your blog post and copy in the below code. Viola!

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Virtual pub sessions

And who said staying has to be alone? Your friends are never too far away with apps like Zoom or House Party.

The alcohol is cheaper and the toilets are cleaner.

If you’re using Zoom, the calls only last 40 minutes which means you can still get an early night and wake up fresh the next morning.

A savvy girl’s guide to staying in

Staying in really is amazing. After all, home is where the heart is!

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