Scented candles for your home Aubrey Bay

Scented Candles For Your Home by Aubrey Bay

Home, as they say, is where the heart is. At Aubrey Bay, it’s our passion to bring you the finest scented candles for your home. We take our job seriously as we know home is where our stories start. If you haven’t tried our candles, here are a few reasons why you may want to give us a try.

Natural Scented Candles

We use only the most natural wax to create our candles. We never use paraffin as so many high-street candles do.

While paraffin wax can give off a good scent throw, it burns and releases toxins into the air. The exact opposite of what we want in our homes.

Soy wax allows us to enjoy scented candles without the nasty side-effects and still retain, if not improve, beautiful fragrance throws.

Aubrey Bay Candles Elevate Modern Homes

When we created Aubrey Bay, we wanted to create a candle that would bring luxury to modern, stylish homes. Our candles are divinely sophisticated and work amazingly in beautiful homes.

Elegant, modern and minimalist is our style and our customers love it.

An Aubrey Bay scented candle for your home
An Aubrey Bay Candle in a Customer’s Home

Scented Candles for Women

Yes, us ladies really do love natural candles. They are great for relaxing, unwinding and even romance. Lighting an Aubrey Bay candle with a glass of fizz is often the start of a perfect night in.

Scented Candles for Men

But it’s not just us girls that love Aubrey Bay candles. We do have some amazing male customers who enjoy sophisticated, modern natural candles. The top two candle choices for men are Wood Sage & Sea Salt and Black Amber & Lavender.

Customer Feedback on Aubrey Bay Candles

Here’s a selection of quotes from our customers and why they like our scented candles so much:

With large rooms, we’ve tried a number of mainstream brands and other boutique candles, but none have been as good as Aubrey Bay in filling the room with scent. We’ve had three candles so far, and every one Has been exquisite. The candles are beautifully made and last. Unlike some of the candles we’ve used, the scent remains consistently strong to the very last use. We will be using Aubrey Bay exclusively in the future.

Margo | Trustpilot

I came across Aubrey Bay on Twitter and the candles looked great. I bought it as a gift for my wife who is a real candle lover. Since burning it, she’s said that it’s one of the best she’s ever had. I’d highly recommend Aubrey Bay if you want to send a candle as a gift.

Customer | Trustpilot

Scented Candles For Your Home – Think Aubrey Bay

If you love elegant candles which have aromas that are bold and beautiful, then you’ll love Aubrey Bay. We know that trying a new candle provider, is a big step. But we are sure that it will be worth it. If you’d like to ask any questions feel free to contact us via our website or on social media. Or if you’d like to jump right on in, and give us a try, head over to a candle shop and get started at the top of the page.

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