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The Secret of the Perfect Candle Revealed

It’s a fact. We love buying candles. Whether they are for ourselves or a gift for another, we just can’t get enough of these flickering mood enhancers in our homes. Sometimes the choice, when investing in a candle, can be made more difficult by the number of companies out there selling their own creations. It can be frustrating when we make our choice and we know there’s something not quite right about our latest purchase. At Aubrey Bay, it’s our passion to create the perfect candle. In this post, we’ll give you a sneak peek into the secret of the perfect candle.

The secret of the perfect candle: candle wax

Sometimes we can buy candles and not think too much about what type of wax it’s made from. Today, there’s so much choice paraffin, beeswax, vegetable wax, coconut wax and soy wax are some go-to options.

We tested them all. Each has pros and cons. We prefer soy wax – and here’s why! Many candles in shops are made from paraffin. While this wax can give off a good scent throw, it burns shooting nasty toxins into the air. The exact opposite of what we want in our homes.

Soy wax comes from renewable sources and its clean burn is great for our homes. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of soy wax then follow the link to dig deeper.

The secret of the perfect candle: fragrance

The perfect candle is full of amazing scent. Burning a candle is a luxury and we want to choose fragrances that fit our personality. The perfect candle has a scent throw that fills the room but does not over-power.

At Aubrey Bay, we use fragrance oils that have been expertly balanced to excite your senses while being safe and stable enough to be bath and body-friendly.

Perfectly balanced fragrance and essential oils for Aubrey Bay candles

The perfect candle will always smell amazing!

The secret of the perfect candle: the burn

When we tested a range of competitors candles, we quickly found that the burn of a candle can vary significantly. Sometimes the candles we tested burned down too quickly. Sometimes too slowly. Sometimes the flame went out or flickered in the container.

It’s essential that the perfect candle is wicked properly. If the wick is too small, the candle will burn slowly and give off a poor scent throw. Likewise, if the wick is too big, it will burn too quickly, and the scent throw will also be poor.

The perfect candle will be wicked properly and have a delicate balance of wax to fragrance.

The secret of the perfect candle: candle care

You’ve just bought the perfect candle and now the perfect experience is in your hands. Candle care can sometimes make or break the candle experience. Here are some top tips:

  • Keep the wick trimmed to a 1/4 inch before you light the candle. Use a wick trimmer
  • Burn the candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time
  • Keep candles out of sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place. Often waxes and fragrance oils can react with sunlight and this can lead to colour changes. Bringing a candle out on an evening will ensure you have an optimum experience

The secret of the perfect candle – final thoughts

And that’s our inside tips of the perfect candle. So if you love candles, we’d love to be your go-to candle company. We care about your experience and we are sure we’d meet your candle needs. Come and take a look at our candles and let us know what you think at the Aubrey Bay candle shop.

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