What to look for when buying a scented candle

What To Look For When Buying A Scented Candle

A beginner’s guide on what to look for when buying a scented candle that will be perfect for you and your home.


At Aubrey Bay, making the perfect scented candle is not only our job but our passion. The process of creating the perfect candle involved many years of testing, experimenting and tweaking. We finally developed a candle that performs at the highest level. In this post, we’ll give you an easy to follow guide on what to look for when buying your next scented candle.

Candles and Fragrance

One of the most important characteristics of a great candle is fragrance. Many mass-produced candles lose fragrance quickly. This is particularly disappointing if the candle is expensive. When we purchase luxury products we expect – and deserve – luxury experiences.

It’s a little know fact that some candle manufacturers only scent the wicks or the top layer of their candles. Some use poor quality wax.

Others claim that their candles are infused with high levels of scent. From a technical perspective, candle waxes have a saturation point. There is a limit to the amount of fragrance oil a candle can hold.

An over saturated candle will present several problems. Often this is evidenced by a layer of oil on the top of the candle. Not only is this unsightly, but also will cause your candle to smoke or burn unevenly when lit.

Other issues with fragrancing a candle come when candle companies use a second wax pour technique to smooth off the top of the candle. Sometimes it’s only the second wax pour that is scented.

This cost-saving exercise allows the company to reduce the baseline cost of making a candle. For the end consumer, this, however, leads to a suboptimal candle burning experience.

A perfectly scented candle will smell delicious from the first burn to the last.

Look for Scents that you Love

Scents we enjoy are very personal to us. They transport us back to memories and experience. Everyone’s interpretation of scent combinations is different. They can affect us in different ways.

Some people prefer light scents such as citrus and herbs, whereas others prefer more heavy fragrances such as amber and sandalwood. It’s a personal preference.

Once you find a candle company, who creates scent profiles you love, then you have struck gold.

Scented Candles and Scent Throw

Other characteristics people look for in a candle is a great scent throw. The term scent throw is used for whether a candle can fill a room with its fragrance.

When scenting rooms with a candle, choose large candles for large rooms and small candles for small ones.

How to Care for a Scented Candle

When you have found the perfect candle, this is only half of the story. Even the best candle needs some tender love and care to ensure that it performs optimally. Here is some candle care hints and tips to get you started.

(i) This is perhaps the most important time when lighting a new candle. The first time you light a candle make sure that you have long enough. Allow the wax to ‘pool’ to the edge of the container and only extinguish after this point. On future burns, it will then burn cleanly down the sides of the glass.

(ii) Wick trimmers are amazing tools! Most candle makers will trim the wick for the first burn for you. If not, trim it to about 4mm. After each burn, before you light it the next time, trim the wick again to 4mm. Not only does it make your candle last longer but it reduces the sooting caused by long wicks.

At Aubrey Bay, we include a beautifully printed candle care guide with all of our candles to help you enjoy your candle experience with us.

What to Look for When Buying a Scented Candle…Wrapped UP

It is always advisable to try different candle companies out. When you find one that you like, go and be a repeat customer. Many of our customers have come from other candle providers. Once they try us, we find they always come back. Some customers love the aesthetic so much of an Aubrey Bay candle they leave them on display. A modern accompaniment to their beautiful home. They only come back infrequently once they have succumbed to lighting it. Other customers come back every month. Whatever your style, we would love to have you as an Aubrey Bay customer and we wish you the best of luck with your quest of finding the perfect scented candle.

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