Why Monochrome Home Decor Works

At Aubrey Bay, if you haven’t already figured out, we love monochrome design. Monochrome home decor works.

When we are designing a room, one of the big questions is, ‘what colour scheme will I use?’ This opens up thousands of different options whether it be the shade of paint or the style of furniture.

Sometimes this can leave us dazed and confused. One way to get around this complexity is by designing a room with a monochromatic colour palette. It’s a simple way to bring elegance to your interiors without hiring a designer. The great thing is monochrome never goes out of fashion.

In this article, we’ll take you through why we love monochrome and provide some ideas on how you may want to style up your home to enter the world of monochrome with a bang.

Why monochrome home decor works?

The idea of monochrome styling is based on choosing one colour and going with it. Then by using colour theory, apply a range of shades, tints and hues to create a beautiful aesthetic.

For those of us that like to experiment, the challenge always lies in pulling together a room which will have many distinct elements art, flooring, furniture and light, to name but a few.

Going monochrome will be a route map to guiding your decisions towards creating a cohesive space.

Should homes not be infused with lots of different colours?

The answer to this lies in the eye of the beholder. Colours create moods. We are aware that splashes of zesty colours can make us feel energetic while conversely, neutrals make us feel calm and rested.

When we go monochromatic, we can create calm and restful spaces.

This calming effect, therefore, makes monochrome the ideal colour scheme for spaces that need that extra touch such as home offices, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

How to style your home with monochrome design like a pro

There sometimes is the worry that monochromatic design leaves homes with furniture, walls and accessories blending into one big canvas.

This isn’t the case. At Aubrey Bay, we love a monochrome black and white colour scheme so here are our top tips to style each room in monochrome.

The monochrome kitchen

A sophisticated contrast of black and white is a popular choice in kitchens. This versatile combination works with any style of interior, from traditional and classic to minimalist and contemporary.

To get the look, opt for high-gloss finishes on cabinets and benchtops for an ultra-modern, highly reflective look.

If you’re after a more subdued look, choose matt finishes. This will create a sophisticated, calm atmosphere.

A monochrome kitchen
A stylish kitchen that embraces monochrome styling

The monochrome living room

Monochromatic colours in the living room are elegant. You can also add texture, too. This is one of the best ways to add depth, softness and interest to a black-and-white scheme.

Layer soft throws and cushions on a fabric sofa. Choose different textures and materials, such as cotton, linen or faux fur. Continue to moderate the look with the use of a deep-pile rug on the floor.

A monochrome living room with monochrome soft furnishings and monochrome paint
A beautiful monochromatic style living room layered with texture

The monochrome bedroom

For a timeless bedroom interior, using black and white as the basis for your design screams luxury, elegance and calmness.

Monochrome bedroom interiors benefit from decorating tricks such as adding texture, layers and the odd highlight colour.

Also, consider lighting. Lighting is a key ingredient to a monochrome style.

In a bedroom, like many rooms, natural light is your friend. It will make a white room brighter yet also give attention to the darker colour schemes. Directional light from table lamps will be the perfect natural light substitute at night as you want something that won’t be much of an eye strain as this can disrupt your natural sleep patterns.

Accompany this with thick luxury curtains and your bedroom will rock the monotone style with ease.

A luxury monochrome bedroom using texture, layers and colour highlight

Monochrome Home Accessories

Home accessories are a great way to express yourself. Alternating accessories is a simple way of changing the look of your room in a fast and cost-effective way. Monochrome home accessories are a design trend that’s here to stay!

Why Monochrome Home Decor Works – wrapped up

Single colour spaces are often the subject debate. At Aubrey Bay, we love them! In fact, we’ve designed our whole candle range to compliment monochrome colour schemes in the home.

Another who loves monochromatic spaces and contributed the amazing home photography for this post is Fiona Wright, The Monochrome Stylist. Her hugely successful Instagram account covers home photographs of her on-point monochrome style and is a great place to start for inspiration. And if you’re after monochrome artwork, then you can visit her Esty store – TheMonochromeStylist.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. How do you feel about monochromatic colours? Have you used them in your home? If so, what are your best tips? Thank you for reading our post and don’t forget to check out our monochrome aesthetic candles in our shop at the top of the page.

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